Marina Martínez

Graduated in Physiotherapy by Gimbernat University Schools (2014), Professor of Therapeutic Yoga and Adapted Yoga (2018) and Dynamizer of emotional support and support groups (2020).

In 2015 he began his more specific training in the Bobath Concept with Monica Junquero taking the Normal Movement course and in 2016 the Basic Bobath Adult course. In 2017 he began working with Mónica Junquero at Neurosalud Barcelona.

In parallel, he trained in Myofascial Manual Therapy and took the course of “Applications of the Neuromuscular Bandage in the neurological patient”.

He continues his specific training in the field of neurology with an advanced course on Ataxia with Victor Urquizo and courses such as “Vision and apraxia” and “Vision for action” with Roberta Ghedina and Cati Poveda.

In 2017 he began his training in Hatha Yoga and in 2018 he specialized in Therapeutic Yoga and Adapted Yoga, obtaining the accreditation of the International Yoga Alliance and the Catalan Yoga Federation.

In 2019, he made a first specific course aimed at the accompaniment in disease processes, grief and death. Throughout the last year, he continues his training in group dynamics with the intention of generating spaces to share through movement and sensory experience.

Currently, she works in the Neurorehabilitation Clinic as a physiotherapist and teacher of Adapted Yoga and teaches accompaniment workshops and Yoga classes in other specialized centers.