Apps para todos

Apps para todos: Sant Cugat del Vallés
Apps para todos: Sant Cugat del Vallés

We are living through a time of change i constant modernization, but progress seems not reach everyone, that is, what for some may assume facilitate their daily life to others can be a great effort to adapt.

We are accustomed to using our mobile phone as our best counselor, is our guide, our agenda, our leisure, our memory and our preferred means to communicate with others. Who today does not look mobile screen more than a hundred times?

What may be easy for some, how to use and manage mobile phone and applications, others require a great deal or something unreachable. It may be a social barrier and even a form of exclusion.

Imagine a person using cane to walk, as you can use the GPS mobile phone hold the stick? Or a person with balance problems picking up the phone and looking at the screen in the middle of the street to answer your messages. Imagine a person with cognitive impairment, could use the complex menu of the address book?

Views circumstances as described, are increasingly technology companies who care and are betting on mobile applications accessible to people with disabilities both physical and cognitive. And they are increasingly raising actions for the development of mobile applications that allow benefit people with disabilities and their families or caregivers.

But the special needs are highly variable. We can think of blind or great visual problems such as very frequent diplopia in neurological patients, people with balance or mobility has its hands full with a cane, walker or wheelchair, people with communication, expression or comprehension disorder typical cognitive and language disorders such as aphasia, people with physical disabilities and can be a hemiplegia from stroke or head trauma or even lack of coordination as patients with ataxia or Parkinson’s disease. Given all these potential problems, and imagine how complex it can be to slide the mobile screen to unlock the screen and read a message that reaches phones these people.
Members Neurorehabilitation Clinic have attended the recent event “Apps for all”, held in Sant Cugat del Valles, which have been submitted several applications to make life easier for people with disabilities. The most important are:

“Whatscine” that helps people with impaired hearing or vision to enjoy movies.
“Specialiapps” featuring mobile phone accessories such as buttons for people with lack of precision in the upper extremities.
“Familyar” an application simple menu that allows the patient and family to be in continuous contact.
On the computer Neurorehabilitation Clinic try to be at the forefront of the solutions available on the market to advise patients depending on the disability presents. For this reason we always warn patients and their families is not the most expensive purchase a market that this will be useful, manageable and appropriate to the patient’s next-generation mobile phone or. The therapeutic team helps the patient and family in the search for solutions.