Assessment in neurological physiotherapy

Most neurological conditions, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or spinal cord injury, have as a consequence sensitive and motor involvement of your physical condition. For the rehabilitation of the alterations that the patient presents, it is advisable to carry out a previous assessment that provides information to the clinical diagnosis, helps to classify, graduate and measure the evolution of the patient as well as the results of the therapies proposed by the physiotherapy and occupational therapy service from the neurological rehabilitation center.
In the process of assessment in physiotherapy and occupational therapy, there are usually tests, tests and scales developed by experts in neurological rehabilitation. There are also some technological and robotics devices that provide objectivity to the assessment of the neurological patient.
The robotic evaluation is defined as the evaluation of the physical condition (sensorimotor function) of the patient by the interpretation of kinematic and kinetic data of sensors integrated in robotic mechanisms. These sensors provide information related to trajectory, speed, time, accuracy, etc. At the Barcelona Neurorehabilitation Clinic, we perform complete measurements using specific methods with clinical scales such as the use of new technology such as pressure platforms, motion analysis and video posture and sensors among other robotic systems.