7 reasons to try aquatic therapy

Do you know that there is a specialized treatment for neurological patients that is performed in water? Aquatic therapy is a way of using a different medium, such as water, to achieve your goals, taking advantage of all the physical properties that it offers and all the benefits of therapeutic exercise.
Surely you are already undergoing a rehabilitation treatment and you are wondering what do I gain by getting into the pool?

Here are 7 reasons to try it:
1- Improve your safety when moving: sometimes it is difficult to try new things for fear of falling. In the water everything happens more slowly and, therefore, we have more time to think and react. Working in the pool has shown that we can significantly reduce the risk of falls.
2- Work the gait: water is a natural support for the body, so that we can practice the way you walk, with less muscular effort and with greater independence, since it will not be necessary to use poles or walkers. In addition, without these supports, you will have your hands free to carry out other activities.
3- Improve balance: overcoming the instability that water provides us will make you work the necessary adjustments to keep your posture upright.
4- Get active relaxation: this is the term we use when you are able to move according to the demands of the task, that is, staying active and, at the same time, feeling that the movement is fluid.
5- Improve your body perception: water is a constant stimulus on our body that causes the somatosensory areas of the brain to be activated. This is especially important when there are sensitivity problems in both the upper and lower limbs.
6- Increase your cardiopulmonary function and stimulate neuroplasticity: these are the benefits you get when performing aerobic exercise in the aquatic environment, an exercise of low or medium intensity that is maintained for a long time.
7- Have fun and get motivated: beyond all these technical aspects, we know how important it is to have fun to learn. Aquatic therapy can become a source of motivation where the results obtained can be seen in your day to day.
If you are a water lover and want to try a different experience in a different environment, at the Neurorehabilitation Clinic we can help you. Elisa is currently in charge of the aquatic therapy area and is trained in the Halliwick Concept, one of the current approaches to the treatment of neurological injuries in water.


Elisa Lara

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