Healthy nutrition. Healthy brain

This weekend, the Neurorehabilitation Clinic has offered its patients an activity to promote healthy eating habits. Nina Izquierdo, a nutritionist with extensive experience has made a talk in which she has updated us on the basis of healthy eating, tips such as: avoid sugary drinks, a source of calories usually with little nutritional value; use healthy oils, extra virgin olive oil in our meals; Prioritize fresh plant foods over those of animal origin; Eat naturally low-fat foods such as fruits and vegetables instead of ultra-processed foods that are usually full of unhealthy ingredients.

We have also been able to deepen important aspects to improve the management of some neurological diseases. If you suffer from Parkinson’s disease you should eat foods rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamins D and K. Apart from general dietary recommendations, patients with multiple sclerosis should know that the microbiota is part of the development and functioning of the human immune system. Recently it has been proven the importance of certain bacteria of the intestinal flora, in modulating immunity. So the feeding and intake of probiotics plays an important role in the therapy of these patients.

If you have suffered an Stroke and take anticoagulants, you should be especially careful with your diet, try not to consume foods rich in vitamin K such as vegetables with green pigmentation (broccoli, lettuce and spinach) garlic and avocado (among other foods) since alter the effect of anticoagulants. We recommend that you consult your nutritionist or referring doctor and that they develop the best diet for you.

At the end of the talk we have tasted and prepared healthy and very appetizing options to vary and improve our diet. We have all come out very motivated to explore new foods and make changes in our diet.