LSVT exercise program for Parkinson treatment

Recently, we have made an interesting discovery for the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s. It is an exercise program called LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment). Created initially with the aim of improving motor disorders related to speech (LSVT LOUD), recently it has been extended to address the treatment of limbs (LSVT BIG) of patients with Parkinson’s.

The objectives of the therapy are:

  • Increase the range of movement: volume at the level of speech and wider movements at the level of the extremities (arms and legs).
  • Sensory Recalibration: to help patients recognize movements with greater amplitude as normal.
  • Exercises can be performed autonomously and allow attention to action to be trained, which facilitates the long-term maintenance of the treatment results.
  • The intensity in which this therapy is performed drives the mechanisms of neuroplasticity and motor learning.


In the following link you can see an example of LSGT BIG exercises.


Whether you are therapists or patients, if you are interested in receiving training in LSVT therapy for the treatment of motor symptoms of Parkinson’s do not hesitate to contact the Neurorehabilitation Clinic.

8 thoughts on “LSVT exercise program for Parkinson treatment

  1. maria isabel ferrera says:

    Hola! soy Maria Isabel Ferrera Fonoaudiologa de Chile.
    tengo formación Bobath básica, y me gustaría tener más formación.
    de igual forma me gustaría poder certificarme en LSVT.
    como puedo hacerlo?

    Muchas gracias.

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