The role of physiotherapy in the world of neurology

Tratamiento de fisioterapia neurológica de pacientes con Ictus con afectación del lado derecho del cuerpo
Tratamiento de fisioterapia neurológica de pacientes con Ictus con afectación del lado derecho del cuerpo

Physiotherapy is a method of treating some diseases, injuries, and other discomforts that patients may have. Included from the area of ​​neurology.
Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals responsible for conducting assessments, clinical and functional diagnoses. And to apply treatment techniques or plan therapeutic intervention approaches.

Its objective is to reduce and solve the problems and alterations that patients present. In a more summarized way, the physiotherapist is dedicated to the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

Neurological Physiotherapy:

Specifically, in the area of ​​neurology, treatment of neurological diseases, and neurorehabilitation, physiotherapists play a very important role in recovery. Mostly they talk about physical, sensitive, motor, and functional alterations and disorders.

These problems can range from the loss of strength after a surgical operation, such as the treatment of motor paralysis due to a stroke.

Neurological physiotherapy, although currently in Spain is not officially considered a specialty, is quite established in Catalonia. This allows us to appreciate the work of physiotherapy in neurology and to distinguish physiotherapists with specific training in neurology, neuroscience, and neurorehabilitation. And without forgetting the professional experience in this area of ​​action, which is so diversified and complex.

Training in physiotherapy and neurology:

Physiotherapists, who are exclusively dedicated to the world of neurology. In other words, physiotherapists treat patients with lesions in the nervous system (eg, acquired brain damage, stroke, brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, among others). They are physiotherapists who usually have extracurricular training (postgraduate, master, doctorate, professional health training in assessment and treatment techniques, etc.) related to neurology.

Some examples of this training can be initial, basic, or advanced training in the Bobath Concept, the Perfetti Method, new technologies in neurorehabilitation, functional electrical stimulation, and many more.

In Catalonia, there are several training offers in neurological physiotherapy. Even the professional association of physiotherapists of Catalonia, recognize the dedication of their physiotherapists and have available to the public, information for professionals and patients seeking help.