Sensitive and motor exercise for the arm and hand

To take advantage of time at home and in addition to the initiatives #yomequedoencasa and #yomemuevoencasa, the staff of the neurorehabilitation clinic, both physical therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and ergotherapists have wanted to collaborate with the publication of small videos, therapeutic video tips for home. Today we are with the physiotherapist Carina Salgueiro who gives us some ideas of exercises to do at home with the help of our companion, in case you are alone you can try to do them using the healthy or unaffected hand. These exercises are aimed at people with involvement of the upper limb, arm and hand, both spasticity, hypertonia or stiffness, as well as flaccidity, lack of movement and lack of sensitivity. We are available to help and advise you during confinement due to the coronavirus [corvid-19]. Follow us on our social networks, write us by WhatsApp or call us directly at the cell phone number 609 078 509