The Clinic

Since 20 years ago, in the Neurorehabilitation Clinic we treat both young people and adults with disorders in both the central and peripheral nervous system like:

– Congenital brain damage (cerebral palsy)
– Brain injury (ictus, brain trauma, brain tumor, etc.)
– Complete or incomplete spinal injury (spinal trauma, spinal compression, forked spine)
– Degenerative diseases (multiple sclerosis, amyotrofic lateral sclerosis -ALS- Parkinson disease, Friedrich ataxia, dementia, etc.)
– Neuropathic pain.
– Balance disorders.
– Movement and/or sensibility disorders.

The clinic was founded in 1994 by Bettina Paeth-Rölfs, physiotherapist and Bobath Senior tutor with a wide formation in neurological rehabilitation and professional experience as teacher of the Bobath Concept.

In the Neurorehabilitation Clinic we conduct individualized sessions of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, neuropsychology and speech therapy. We have a professional team (physiotherapists, occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist and neuropsychologist) specialized in the field of neurorehabilitation and brain sciences. Our clinic has a well known reputation in the treatment and training according to Bobath Concept.

The clinic has a spacious treatment room equipped for neurological rehabilitation and other independent areas for occupational therapy (kitchen, bathroom with shower), speech therapy and neuropsychology. We also have a large outside garden for the patients and their companions. The Neurorehabilitation clinic is located in an exceptional setting for its easy communicaton with motorways, its proximity to public transport and its parking facities.

La Clínica

We actually have patients coming from different areas of Catalonia (Terrassa, Sabadell, Barcelona, Tarragona, etc.) as well as from other parts of Spain and also Europe for short intensive treatments.

In the field of neurological rehabilitation is basic to be aware of the last advances in brain sciences and rehabilitation techniques. For this reason, in the Clinic we give courses of different matters and we collaborate with several universities (U. E. Gimbernat, U.E.M., U.A.B.,etc.) forming physiotherapy students in their last courses or in master degrees that make their internship in our clinic.


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