Month: June 2016

La vida trás un Ictus

During the morning, Casimiro, who suffered severe stroke two years ago, tells us his experience and answer some questions that many neurological patients and their families are challenged. Your business card is very common nowadays “My name Casimiro, I had a stroke that left me half paralyzed body” and is well aware of its major […]

Cuida y ten contento-continente tu suelo pélvico: Taller teórico-práctico

This Saturday, June 11, Neurorehabilitation Clinic offers its patients and their families a theoretical and practical workshop where the teacher and physiotherapist Cristina Gomez, talk about the pelvic floor and its main problems, urinary incontinence, algias, etc. We’ll see how the pelvic floor dysfunction affects the neurological patient and vice versa, as a neurological disease […]