Anna Canet


She has a diploma as a Physiotherapist at the EU Gimbernat al Juliol in 2005, initiating her work experience in the course of 2 years in different areas: Center Mèdic Esplugues, at the Holmes Place gym in Barcelona and at the CIMA Clinic in Barcelona, ​​doing threatment of affectations of locomotor apparatus, sports injuries, and post-surgical trauma rehabilitation.

In 2007, concerned about going to work in a functional re-education center in the south of France, to expand her knowledge of new focused on the area of ​​the locomotor apparatus, and introduced into the re-education to post-surgical cardiac stress. Finalize her stay in France in the 2010 working at Montpellier Regional University Hospital (CHU Lapeyronie).

During these years she performed continuous training conducting the Postgraduate Course of Physiotherapy of Sport (with Miquel Angel Cos i Morera theacher among others), and that of “Physiotherapy of the hip, knee and foot. Global mechanical vision of the lower limb” with Pedro Rubio Montoro.

In 2011 she began to collaborate in the Santapau Physiotherapy Center, and continued her training specializing in neuro-musculoskeletal physiotherapy, visceral treatment, myofascial pain and dry needling, and movement dysfunction syndromes, entering the world of motor control, while being captivated by the bio-psycho-social approach to chronic pain, training with the best in this sector, Rafael Torres Cueco and Dr. Arturo Goicoechea.

The notable increase in people who suffer injuries when starting in “running”, has led her to train in the analysis of posture, gait and running, carrying out the work of adaptation to the degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Salamanca, based on a clinical case on this topic.

In 2015, motivated by new challenges, she began to collaborate with the Neurorehabilitation Clinic to offer a comprehensive musculoskeletal treatment to patients with neurological disorders.

Since 2015 she has been a collaborating professor at the University Foundation of Bages, in the Degree of Physiotherapy, teaching the subject of Basic Manual Therapy I and II and gives continuing training courses in neuromusculoskeletal control.