Estela Rodado


Graduated in Physiotherapy from the E.U. Gimbernat (2018), in the last year she studied neurology and did an Erasmus in the city of Paris (France). Later, motivated to expand her knowledge of Neurorehabilitation, she completed the Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation in Neurology (2021) at the same university.

In this master’s degree, she is trained as a Bobath Therapist in the adult patient with Bettina Paeth and Mónica Junquero and introduces the Bobath Concept in pediatrics with Maite Montañana.

She has also been trained in Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (Perfetti method) by taking the introductory course with Èlia Gonzalez and in Aquatic Therapy by taking the Basic course of the Halliwick method with Isabel Gaviña.

Her therapeutic approaches are complemented with other types of techniques such as neurodynamics and myofascial treatment.