Silvia Gamarra

Occupational Therapist

Graduated in Occupational Therapy from the E.U de la Creu Roja de Terrassa – UAB in 2003. That same year she began her career as an occupational therapist in the field of geriatrics at the Santa Rosa Residence of the Mollet Health Foundation.

In 2007 she worked in the SIRIUS service of the Granollers city council advising support products and housing adaptation for people with functional diversity. In 2008 she trained in the Postgraduate Course in Orthopedic Technician at the International University of Catalonia and began to work at the Torres Falguera Private Foundation as head of the orthopedic service. Caring for children and adults with various neurological disorders during the 11 years of work in orthopedics led her to become interested in the world of neurorehabilitation and in 2012 she began her training in the Bobath Concept by taking the course on “Normal Movement” with Mónica Junquero.

In 2015 she enrolled in the Master of Neurological Rehabilitation of the E.U. Gimbernat – UAB and will be trained as a Bobath Therapist with Bettina Paeth, as well as in the Introduction to the Bobath Concept in pediatrics with Marisa Frontera. In this master, he performs training in Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (Perfetti Method) and the basic course of aquatic therapy of the Halliwick Concept. She will carry out her neurorehabilitation practices at the Barcelona Neurological Stimulation Unit. In 2016 he expanded his training with the Basic Course of Basal Stimulation with Barbara Roller at the F.P. Torres Falguera.

In January 2019, she will become part of the rehabilitation team at the UEN Barcelona Neurological Stimulation Unit, where she currently works. At the UEN she knows the Kinaesthetics method that is complemented with the Basal Stimulation model and the Bobath Concept for a comprehensive and interdisciplinary treatment of people with neurological affectation. Take the basic Kinaesthetics course in 2019.

Since 2020 she has collaborated in the Master of Neurological Stimulation – Neurorehabilitation organized by the UVic and the UEN as a teacher of the seminar “Orthopedic Solutions for the neurological patient”.

In 2021 she joined the Neurorehabilitation Clinic team as an Occupational Therapist.