Bobath Concept

As every year, we receive the training sessions of the Spanish Association of Therapists trained in the Bobath Concept (AETB).
At the beginning of the month of March, Saturday, September 9, the XXXII AETB Training Days will take place in Madrid. These conferences, open to members and non-members, aim to keep interested parties up-to-date regarding the Bobath Concept and neurological rehabilitation, whether in children or adults.
This year will be treated issues such as the treatment of patients with acquired brain damage, in the acute phase of the process that corresponds to the first 3 months after suffering a stroke. In this phase the intervention of physiotherapy is paramount since it is when more and better results are obtained, the progress and level of recovery in this phase, which is usually hospitable, is usually an indication of recovery in future phases of evolution (subacute and chronic).
After addressing this issue several lectures will be given by highly qualified professionals such as the speech therapist Elía Rodríguez, the physiotherapist and tutor Bobath Maria Angeles Tejedor and the physiotherapist and tutor Bobath Carlos Leite Martins who comes from Portugal.
This year prior to the days of the Bobath Concept, the Association promotes a monographic course of physiotherapy treatment for patients with acquired brain damage. The course will address issues related to critical aspects of the patient in the acute phase and clinical aspects of the medical and therapeutic intervention. They will also relate the sensory integration treatment techniques and the construction of the body’s median line and its symmetry as a requirement to ensure that the patient acquires stability at the time of getting up and standing upright.
The Neurorehabilitation Clinic from Barcelona always marks its presence to bring to the working group new ideas and updates in the treatment of physiotherapy and occupational therapy of patients with brain damage.