Survey to find out the situation of neurological physiotherapy in Catalonia

The Commission of Neurology of the College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia has made a survey with the objective of knowing the situation of neurological physiotherapy in Catalonia. This survey is addressed exclusively to those and those physiotherapists who currently work with stroke patients (minimum 1 patient per week). The survey lasts approximately 10 minutes and […]

Physical therapy sesion online

As we see that this situation of confinement is going to last, starting next week the Neurorehabilitation Clinic offers online and live sessions. In this case, the intervention of the physical therapist is not direct or individualized since the session will be open to several people. However, the class will be aimed at people with […]

Therapeutic yoga

On these days of confinement, performing exercises that help keep body and mind in balance is essential. This is why our yoga instructor and therapist Bobath Marina, has created this sample of some yoga exercises that can be performed at home. If you want more sessions do not hesitate to contact us. We stay home […]