Muscular atrophy is a disorder that involves the wasting, loss or decrease of skeletal muscle. It is produced by an imbalance between protein synthesis and its degradation. Nerve cells of the skeletal muscles are affected, generating partial or total paralysis. This disorder causes loss of muscle strength. It is a progressive process […]

Assessment in neurological physiotherapy

(Español) Para la rehabilitación de las alteraciones que presente el paciente es recomendable realizar una valoración previa que aporte información al diagnóstico clínico, ayude a clasificar, graduar y medir la evolución del paciente así como los resultados de las terapias propuesta por el servicio de fisioterapia y terapia ocupacional del centro de rehabilitación neurológica.

El impacto de la discapacidad en la vida sexual de los individuos con enfermedades neurológicas

Individuals with acquired neurological diseases (such as stroke, head trauma, spinal cord injury, etc.) suddenly see their lives limited by alterations and functional, motor, sensory, and cognitive problems, among others. In addition to these limitations that on their own lead to a disability, there are other affected areas such as family, work, social life and […]

La vida trás un Ictus

During the morning, Casimiro, who suffered severe stroke two years ago, tells us his experience and answer some questions that many neurological patients and their families are challenged. Your business card is very common nowadays “My name Casimiro, I had a stroke that left me half paralyzed body” and is well aware of its major […]


Stroke is a disorder in which an area of the brain or near the brain is affected by a haemorrhage caused by the rupture of a blood vessel. The uptake of oxygen and other necessary nutrients for the right running of nervous cells is therefore interrupted. This disorder is also known as apoplexy, cerebro-vascular accident […]