La vida trás un Ictus

During the morning, Casimiro, who suffered severe stroke two years ago, tells us his experience and answer some questions that many neurological patients and their families are challenged.

Your business card is very common nowadays “My name Casimiro, I had a stroke that left me half paralyzed body” and is well aware of its major limitations “My limitations are the lack of talk, I talk bad … “. At the physical level, related to his right hemiplegia he tells us that “… now way, that’s the word, walk! Work to walk better. “

Remembering the stage who has lived in the early months of having stroke tells us that “When last I had the stroke could not do anything, could not walk, could not do anything! And now way I’m moving more every day. “

Casimiro, even taking an unpromising prognosis because of the location, extent and multiple effects of his brain injury, has recovered many functions due to the commitment to himself and his family have placed and continue in the rehabilitation process “I logopedia to talk better physical therapy to walk better and psychology to connect the head. “

Your physical therapist talks about how important it was the early onset and intensity of rehabilitation “We have worked intensely in the early days until we who put up with standing, then start walking and then has become more active in their activities daily “. In addition to performing speech therapist for her disorder speech, known in clinical practice as aphasia, also followed by Neuropsychologist summarizing its development “began working attention because attentional level had difficulties and now this has improved greatly therefore already we are working higher functions. “

Before leaving us, Casimiro says his desire to drive again and says goodbye with a tip for all those who are in a similar situation to yours “Keep working as hard as they can and when for a year, a month or another 15 days notice the improvement that takes everyone. “

Part of Neurorehabilitation Clinic Casimiro thank you for sharing your experience and thus help many people who have suffered a stroke.

Thanks Casimiro and family.

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