Speech Therapy

At the neurorehabilitation center Bobath in Barcelona we offer speech therapy sessions to patients affected by disorders that affect the central nervous system.

In the sessions of speech therapy (or neuro speech therapy) we make an initial clinical evaluation and applied specific tests to determine the degree and type of affectation of the patient who has suffered a stroke or any other brain damage with the objective of making a functional and clinical diagnosis.

In our speech therapist sessions at the Bobath Neurorehabilitation Center in Barcelona, ​​we apply Myofunctional Therapy, which is important for reeducating posture, phono-respiratory coordination, normalizing the tone, working the coordination, amplitude and precision of the facial movements, and stimulate sensitivity with the aim of treating the dysphagia, dysarthria and voice problems of patients with brain damage.

To address the problems of aphasia, alexias, or agraphia in speech therapy sessions, the therapist specializing in speech therapy applied to patients with brain injuries, stimulates oral and written language with the support of everyday images and objects, tablet and computer applications that facilitate work in the session and its continuity at home.

The role of the patient’s family and / or caregiver is very important in this process, so they are involved in the treatment to ensure the understanding of the therapies and guidelines at home.

Neurological speech therapy is the field that deals with the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of problems and difficulties arising from a neurological disorder, neurodegenerative or acquired brain damage as well as dementias.These problems may be related to speech, oral and / or written language, voice and swallowing:

  • Aphasia: difficulty in expressing and / or understanding (compressing) oral language
  • Alexias and agrafia: Problems in reading and writing.
  • Dysphagia: difficulties related to swallowing
  • Dysarthria; speech articulation problems
  • Voice alterations (hypophonias, vocal cord paralysis)


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