The 4-meter walk test in stroke survivors

Importance of studying people with stroke We already know stroke or cerebrovascular accident is the most common cerebrovascular disease in the adult population. And with a high incidence rate. Most people who suffer a stroke are left with sequelae, many of them related to the sensory and motor component of the human body. That is, […]

stroke in young people

Stroke A stroke, scientifically known as a cerebrovascular accident, is defined as an alteration of the cerebral circulation that causes a transitory or permanent deficit in the functioning of one or several brain areas. This health problem is more common in older people. It is also more frequent among males and in the Asian race. […]

stroke, more than an arm paralisis

A person with a stroke not only has paralysis in one arm or one leg, motor involvement is observed in the entire half of the body, including the trunk. Stroke as the main cerebrovascular disease Stroke is one of the most disabling cerebrovascular diseases in the adult population⁠. The resulting disability, dominated by sensory and […]