Prominent Women in Physiotherapy: A Tribute on International Working Women’s Day

Today, on March 8, 2024, we commemorate International Working Women’s Day, a fitting occasion to recognize and pay tribute to women who have made a significant impact in various professional fields. In this context, we cannot overlook the profound contribution of women in the realm of physiotherapy. Dorothea Erxleben, whose name may sound unfamiliar to […]

(Español) Qué es la terapia ocupacional

Occupational therapy is a health discipline that focuses on helping people perform daily activities independently and meaningfully. In the case of neurological patients, occupational therapy is essential to improve their quality of life and their ability to perform daily activities. Neurological patients may present a variety of problems, such as muscle weakness, coordination problems, difficulty […]

Therapeutic exercise in physiotherapy

Many of the neurological patients, whether due to cerebellar ataxia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease or other, have impaired balance and postural control. The rehabilitation and treatment of these disorders and alterations is essential for the patient to regain control of his movement and independence and functional autonomy. In some cases, we not only talk about recovery, […]

10 Principles of Neural Plasticity to optimize the intervention in neurorehabilitation

Use it or lose it Decreased activation of specific brain areas can lead to functional degradation. Encourage the patient to perform the movements that he can do on his own and assist the movement that he cannot perform. Since it has been shown that the decrease in use or performance of a movement can cause […]