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The Clinica de Neurorehabilitación Bettina Paeth, in addition to serving patients with neurological impairments, also conducts training for professionals in the area of ​​neurology and neurorehabilitation. We believe that training and a continuous updating of knowledge is essential for professional practice with patients with brain damage.

As a contribution to science, in this neurological rehabilitation center the book “Experiences with the Bobath Concept”, written by Bettina Paeth, has been published, this book still remains as the international reference book for all professionals interested in training in the Bobath Concept.

The Clinica de Neurorehabilitación Bettina Paeth is registered as a reference center in the Bobath Concept together with its qualified professionals. All the training in the Bobath Concept carried out in this center is supported by the Spanish Association of Therapists trained in the Bobath Concept. The training given in this Training Center for healthcare professionals in the area of ​​neurorehabilitation is accredited by the Council for Continuing Education of Health Professions and Commission for Continuing Education of the National Health System

Several research studies have also been carried out, such as:

Apart from the training, we welcome students and professionals in the practice of voluntary practices in order to make their first contact with patients with disabilities due to central nervous system injury or to expand their previous knowledge and improve their skills. Currently the Clínica de Neurorehabilitación Clinic collaborates with different national and local universities such as:

The members of the Clinica de Neurorehabilitación, apart from their clinical work, participate actively in the Spanish Society of Neurology (neurophysiotherapy section) and in the Professional Association of Physiotherapists of Catalonia (Neurology Commission) among others.


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