Neurorehabilitation service: preventive measures

Knowing how important the process of rehabilitation of neurological patients is, the Neurorehabilitation Clinic reopens its doors fully respecting the health recommendations.

Neurological patients affected by diseases such as a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, etc., must continue their rehabilitative process to restore mobility, increase functionality, prevent deterioration, among others. In some cases, physiotherapy, speech therapy or psychology treatment is essential to improve participation in daily activities, including domestic activities, which are so important in these last days of confinement.

The treatment sessions will develop naturally with the necessary protections such as the 15-minute separation between appointments for disinfection, ventilation and change of protective material for the therapists. On the other hand, we have also reduced the maximum capacity of the facilities to 30% and the time adjustment for the most vulnerable patients.

The new measures for both patients, therapists and adaptation of the facilities have been individually disclosed and can be consulted on our social networks. We are also available by phone and e-mail for more detailed explanations and clarification of doubts that may arise among users.

Apart from the inexcusable and more urgent treatments of patients affected by a neurological disease, we also carry out virtual sessions by video call to non-urgent cases or in case of displacement viability.