Physical therapy sesion online

As we see that this situation of confinement is going to last, starting next week the Neurorehabilitation Clinic offers online and live sessions.

In this case, the intervention of the physical therapist is not direct or individualized since the session will be open to several people. However, the class will be aimed at people with impaired mobility due to neurological diseases such as stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and others.

When will the class be?
Monday, April 6 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

What materials do I need?
You only need a chair or stool so you can sit down

How will the class be done?
You can follow the class with your mobile, tablet or computer

What program should I use?
We give you several options
You can follow us on instagram:

You can see us live on youtube

You can join the video conference by skype

You can join the video conference by zoom

Do I have to have a camera and a microphone?
The option to turn your camera and microphone on or off is up to you, we will not record you.

How can I register?
If you follow us on instagram or youtube it is only to enter our section of live videos. If you prefer to use Skype or Zoom, tell us by mail or by WhatsApp and we will send you the link in advance so that you can connect

Do I have to be punctual?
You must be as punctual as possible since the session is live. We will have everything prepared in advance in case you want to check your connection before

Who will give the class?
Physiotherapist Carina Salgueiro

Why do you do it?
Because we continue to think about our patients and how we can help them from our homes.