Concepto Bobath: Curso Avanzado en Reconocimiento y Tratamiento de Personas adultas con Trastornos neurológicos

Topic: “Control posture as a requirement of the gait and functionality of the upper limb in people with incomplete spinal cord lesion and ataxia”

Aimed at: Physiotherapists and occupational therapists who have the title of the basic course of the Bobath concept by the IBITA.

Teacher: Bettina Paeth Rohlfs, physical therapist, tutor Bobath Senior IBITA
Hours: 35 face-to-face hours (accredited by the Commission of continuing training)
Dates: 21 – February 25, 2018
Hours: 9-18’30 h from Wednesday to Saturday
9-14 h Sunday
Place: Neurorehabilitation clinic (c / Asturias 1, Mirasol)
Price: €650
Number of places: 12

  • Deepen and broaden knowledge of techniques and tests for evaluation and treatment of adult patients with neurological as incomplete spinal cord injury and injury cerebellar disorders / Ataxia to make a clinical diagnosis;
  • Deepen and broaden knowledge on the physiology and pathophysiology of the nervous system to recognize symptoms and signs in affected individuals and classify them according to medical diagnosis;
  • Improve the clinical reasoning to determine treatment short-term goals and long-term mean level of structure and function and level of activities and participation;
  • Improve the practical techniques of treatment.


  • Lectures of neurophysiology and pathophysiology
  • Classroom for evaluation and tests: balance, postural control of the trunk, on the progress of the functionality of the upper limb
  • Facilitation of practical classes: balance, postural control trunk, the gait and the functionality of the upper limb
  • Demonstrations of people affected by Ataxia and spinal cord injury treatments.
  • Hours of treatment of people affected by the participants of the course under the supervision of the teacher.

Registration open until 15 January 2018. To enroll, send mail to with personal data (full name, phone number, local work), copy of the certificate of the course basic in the Bobath concept and proof of payment (account no.: 2100 2776 3801 0056 6981 ES26 concept: name completo+CA).

carteal CA 2018

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  1. hola buenas noches me gustaría confirmar si aún cuentan con plazas disponibles para el “curso avanzado en el reconocimiento y tratamiento de personas adultas con trastornos neurológicos”, soy terapeuta ocupacional de Ecuador, espero me puedan ayudar.

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